Industry, Lawmakers React Swiftly to Spicer’s Cannabis Comments

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s suggestion this week that the Justice Department could target legal adult-use cannabis programs threw the cannabis world for a loop. Within hours, reactions from industry leaders, legalization advocates, and lawmakers in legal states flooded the internet. While it’s still unclear whether Spicer’s comments constitute a indicate a shift in DOJ […]

Light on Trump, Sullivan aims for optimism

U.S Sen. Dan Sullivan delivers his annual address to the Alaska Legislature. (Photo by Skip Gray/360 North) U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan, in his annual address to the Alaska Legislature, did not say much about President Trump, and he did not bring up the issues that drove demonstrators to the steps of the state Capitol today: […]

Making Sex More Sensual with Cannabis

If you’re reading this, odds are you’re curious about using cannabis to enhance your lovemaking and make it more sensual. I have ideas. I have techniques. All that aside, the most important thing for you is the answer to the question, “What’s getting in the way of you incorporating sensuality into your lovemaking right now?” […]

Murkowski says Trump policies on Arctic, climate still unclear

Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, left, and Norwegian member of parliament Eirik Sivertsen took questions from reporters during a meeting of the Conference of Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region in Anchorage on Friday. (Photo by Rachel Waldholz/Alaska’s Energy Desk) Alaska U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski said it’s still unclear what the Trump administration’s Arctic or climate policies […]

Gavin Newsom to Trump: ‘Dealers Don’t Card Kids’

Following comments this week by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer that the federal government could take action against adult-use cannabis programs in legal states, officials in those states have condemned the threatened crackdown. Not only could shutting down access to legal, regulated markets end up helping international drug cartels, they say, it could also wreak […]

Ice in Cook Inlet likely to delay fix to Hilcorp gas leak for weeks

Still from footage taken by a helicopter of a gas leak in Cook Inlet, obtained by the environmental group Cook Inletkeeper. (Image courtesy Cook Inletkeeper) Hilcorp recently informed state regulators that the company is unlikely to begin repairs on a gas leak in Cook Inlet until mid- to late March. Listen now That’s according to a letter […]

Where Are the Extraterrestrials? A Question that Requires Cannabis

The mood in the Melrose Market was tentative and excited. The atmosphere in the high ceilinged room was underpinned by space-age sounds that radiated from a synthesizer just out of view. Here, at Higher Education, the Who’s Who of the cannabis industry gathered, sitting or standing amongst an enclave of friends and associates, eager to […]

Industry pushes back against proposed changes to state’s oil tax system

SAE Exploration Chairman and CEO Jeff Hastings answers questions Wednesday after his testimony before the House Resources Committee in Juneau. (Photo by Rashah McChesney/Alaska’s Energy Desk) As lawmakers in Juneau consider changes to the state’s oil tax credit system, they’re facing stiff opposition from oil companies. Listen now Several industry representatives testified before lawmakers this […]

New Strains Alert: Big Smooth, 3rd Coast Panama Chunk, Destroyer, and More

This week’s New Strains Alert is a love letter to Haze. Shining Silver Haze, Easy Peezy, and Purple Linda are all infused with Haze genetics, giving each strain cerebral qualities that uplift the mood. Intermixed with 3rd Coast Panama Chunk, Destroyer, Big Smooth, and the CBD-rich Fast Eddy, this collection of strains creates a balanced bouquet […]

Senate majority unveils spending limit, Permanent Fund draw

Sen. Lyman Hoffman, D-Bethel, at a Senate Majority press availability on Feb. 24, 2017. (Photo by Skip Gray/360 North) The Senate majority unveiled its plan to limit state spending and draw money from Permanent Fund earnings to pay for the state budget Friday. Listen now Senate President Pete Kelly, R-Fairbanks, said the plan in Senate Bill […]